Financial Considerations

Return on Investment

Energy efficiency improvements, unlike many other investments in your home, help pay for themselves in lower energy bills. For this reason many homeowners want to know how quickly the cost of the efficiency measures will be paid back in energy bill savings. Dividing the cost of the project by the annual savings gives you a "simple payback" number. The following example is for a home in Washington, D.C.


Because energy efficiency improvements — like other home improvements — cost money, you may need financing to help get the job done. The good news is that energy efficiency financing has some advantages over conventional financing, due mainly to the fact that energy efficiency investments produce savings. These energy bill reductions are often larger than the loan payments, producing what the bankers call "positive cash flow." This means that efficiency loans help pay for themselves by freeing up other income that would have gone to pay energy bills.

Ardently Green offers financing through the GeoSmart, Sustainable Financing Solutions. GEOSmart is a comprehensive home improvement consumer financing program sponsored by the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) and funded by GE Money.

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