About Your GreenPrint

An Ardently GreenPrint is a comprehensive, whole house analysis of your home that is based on building science and home performance principles. It reflects the findings of a visual inspection and a series of scientific tests conducted by certified home performance professionals, following industry best practices, and using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.

The objective is to ultimately improve the quality of your home’s comfort, health, and energy efficiency while getting the highest return on your investment.

The GreenPrint –

  • Serves as a planning tool for making informed decisions about your home improvement options
  • Provides a profile of your home and the components that impact comfort, health and energy efficiency
  • Provides a breakdown of your home energy consumption and compares it to the average home
  • Outlines Ardently Green’s recommendations and associated costs
  • Projects the savings you may achieve by implementing the recommendations
  • Provides additional recommendations for making your home greener
  • If applicable, may determine the amount of carbon emissions that your home will save as a result of your actions
  • Your GreenPrint will be made available to you via our on-line customer portal which provides real-time access to status reports, schedules and other relevant project documentation



Our Process
Four Ardently Green Steps
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