Alternative Energy Systems

Renewable energy systems to supplement or eliminate utilty-based electric use

Ardently Green provides energy efficiency and alternative energy services to residential, commercial and municipal customers. Renewable or alternative energy solutions such as solar, wind, solar thermal, and geo-thermal provide a hedge against continually rising energy costs while reducing the impact that buildings have on the environment. These technologies are becoming more feasible due to the increasing availability offinancial incentives (grants, rebates, and credits) from local, state, and federal governments. In many cases, over 50% of the cost is covered by these incentives.

Before investing in alternative energy sources, Ardently Green recommends implementing energy efficient improvements to the building envelope and related components. This is the so-called “low hanging fruit” because these improvements often have the shortest payback.

Return on Investment in Energy Improvement Projects
Investments in energy efficiency and renewable energies are evaluated based on ROI (return on investment) and payback…that is, how long does it take for the annual energy savings to cover the cost of installing the improvements? The main factors in assessing payback and ROI include the life cycle costs of the improvements and the measured energy savings from more efficient building envelopes and systems. Life cycle costs include installation, annual operating, and annual maintenance costs. These costs are off-set by the available local, state, and federal tax credits, rebates and other incentives for energy improvement projects. This analysis is part of the home’s energy audit.

High-Performance Exterior Solutions
The exterior of home is the first line of defense when it comes to energy efficiency and durability. The various components of the building exterior are combined to provide effective weather and thermal barriers to keep moisture, air and noise pollution from entering the structure…and expensive conditioned air from leaving the structure. Of course, there are aesthetic considerations that need to be factored into the overall solution as well. Ardently Green provides installed products and services that turn leaky and thermally-inefficient buildings into high-performance, highly durable and low maintenance dwellings. When replacing these components, use the opportunity to upgrade insulation, add reflective coatings and materials, and install low maintenance, long-lasting products as the “first line of defense.”

Alternative Energy Solutions
Renewable energy sources including biomass, hydropower, geothermal, wind, and solar provide 7% of the energy used in the United States. Most renewable energy goes to producing electricity. The production and use of renewable fuels has grown more quickly in recent years as a result of higher prices for oil and natural gas, and a number of State and Federal Government incentives, including the Energy Policy Acts of 2002 and 2005. The use of renewable fuels is expected to continue to grow over the next 30 years. Ardently Green’s renewable or alternative energy offerings include:

  • Solar Electric
  • Solar Thermal
  • Geo-Thermal



Solar Photo-Voltaic System Installed
in Washington, D.C.

Ardently Green and its partner Energy & Environment, Inc. installed a 3.8 kilo-watt solar photo-voltaic system for a homeowner in southeast Washington, D.C. The project involved installing structural steam beams to support the solar panel mounting system. Ardently Green installed 14 Sunwise solar panels in a fixed array on a Unirac mounting system. The system will provide approximately 65% of the homeowner’s electrical needs.


“Thanks for all the hard work
from your team. I am very excited
about the system, and you're right,
my meter does run backwards! :-)"

Washington, DC Homeowner